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We also cooperating with numerous of travel insurance companies around the world.


Nestled along the picturesque shores of Aonang Beach in Krabi, Thailand, Aonang Medical Clinic stands as a beacon of top-tier healthcare. Distinguished by our unique offering, we are the sole clinic in the area equipped with two emergency doctors, two general practitioners, and a cohort of specialized experts ready to provide second opinions. Our dedicated team of over ten medical professionals work in harmony to provide comprehensive medical care, catering to both Thai and international travelers.

The heart of aonang

A Legacy of Care

Established in 2012, Aonang Medical Clinic is not only a leading healthcare institution in Aonang Beach, but also a provider of choice for Klong Muang Beach, Tabkaek Beach, Railay Island, Tonsai Beach, Koh Jum Beach, and Krabi Town. Our clinic resonates as a haven of healing, serving over a hundred thousand patients from across the globe annually.

The last decade has witnessed a remarkable surge in travelers to Krabi, Thailand, and our doors have remained open to provide critical consultations for travel-related illnesses, general medical concerns, and unforeseen accidents.

A Vision of Holistic Care

Beyond Medicine

We are more than just medical practitioners; we are dedicated stewards of well-being. Our realm of expertise spans travel medicine and general healthcare, offering services such as pre and post travel counseling, vaccinations, health checkups, and even extended support through telemedicine for those who cannot visit us physically. Our commitment goes beyond our clinic’s walls as we collaborate seamlessly with international hospitals and teleconsultation specialists to ensure comprehensive care.

Unifying Communication

Bridging Language Barriers

With a multilingual staff proficient in English, we ensure that communication is never a barrier to quality care. Our team facilitates interactions with medical personnel, assists with health insurance translations, and provides referral services. We understand that health conditions can disrupt even the best-laid plans, and we stand ready to support you every step of the way.

The Aonang Advantage

Elevating the Landscape of Healthcare Excellence

Embrace of Wholistic Care
Envision healthcare that encompasses pre-travel guidance, intricate disease diagnosis, and everything in between. Our team doesn’t merely treat; we nurture holistic well-being.
Global Reach, Local Essence
Beyond the tranquil shores of Aonang Beach, our care transcends to Klong Muang Beach, Tabkaek Beach, Railay Island, Tonsai Beach, Koh Jum Beach, and Krabi Town. Our commitment knows no borders.

Our Vision

“ Because Your
Life Matters ”

Language of Empathy
Bid adieu to language barriers. Our proficient English-speaking staff ensures seamless communication, forging a stronger bond between patients and caregivers.

Seamless Care Journey
Navigate through the complexities of insurance with ease. Our partnerships with international travel insurance companies streamline administrative intricacies, enabling you to focus on your path to 



Cultivating a culture of passion and expertise

within our medical team, particularly in the realm of Travel Medicine.

Pioneering innovative approaches

in Travel Medicine for a healthier future.

Enhancing healthcare experiences

for travelers and locals alike.

A Glimpse of Our Services

Beyond Boundaries

Our commitment to medical excellence extends far and wide. Offering a suite of services ranging from pre and post-travel counseling, treatment of common general ailments, vaccinations, and comprehensive health checkups, to specialized care such as pre and post STD counseling, laboratory services, wound care, emergency assistance, and the diagnosis and treatment of tropical diseases, we are your partner in health, every step of the way.

Our Core Values

The Essence Of Excellence




The Spark of Creativity

these values form the very essence of Aonang Medical Clinic.


Unveiling the Spectrum of Wellness

Embark on a wellness journey through our meticulously curated services

Enlightening Pre and Post-Travel Counseling

Tailored guidance for safe journeys.

A Comprehensive Range of Vaccination and Certification

Protecting against diseases worldwide.

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Crafting Health Narratives with Check-ups and Certificates

Comprehensive health assessments for a holistic view.

STD Screening and treatment

Expert care in serious situations

Guiding Through Traveler's Diarrhea – Diagnosis and Cure

Accurate diagnostics for better treatment.

Revealing Diagnostic Insights within Our Laboratories

Accurate diagnostics for better treatment.​

Wound care, minor operation.

Ear problems such as ear wax, ear infection or barotrauma.

Pre and post STD counseling

help STD patients to comply with treatment, understand their contraceptive choices, and protect their sexual partners.

Emergency and Accident

we are open 24 hours to help you in the bad situation with medical team and ambulance for fast service and on time treatment.

Hotel Visit Treatment

Elevating Your Stay with Unmatched, Expertise, and Peace of Mind

Tailored Convenience

We bring health care to your doorstep. The Hotel Visit Treatment ensures that our skilled medical professionals from Aonang Medical Clinic come directly to you, saving you time and effort. No need to alter your plans or leave the comfort of your suite – enjoy seamless health care without interruption.

Expertise at Your Doorstep

Partnering with Aonang Medical Clinic means you’re in expert hands. Our team of medical professionals offers top-tier care, guidance, and consultations right in the privacy of your space. Experience personalized well-being without the need to venture out.

Personalized Well-Being

Your needs are unique, and our Hotel Visit Treatment caters to them. Whether you’re seeking a wellness consultation, health checkup, or specific medical attention, our service is designed to provide you with a customized experience. Your well-being is our priority.

The Telemedicine Revolution

Bridging the Distance, Caring the Same

In the age of digital transformation, Aonang Medical Clinic redefines healthcare through telemedicine. Whether you’re a world away or just around the corner, our telemedicine services connect you with our esteemed medical professionals for consultations, guidance, and expert opinions. Seamlessly schedule virtual appointments, engage in remote medical discussions, and receive personalized care from the comfort of your chosen environment.

Pioneering Digital Health

A Glimpse into the Future
Witness the evolution of your health journey – the era of digital well-being. Our portal unlocks appointments, consultations, and health records, making healthcare accessible like never before.


Aonang Medical Clinic is the ultimate choice for your healthcare needs

Unrivaled Expertise

Our team of emergency doctors, general practitioners, and specialized experts ensures top-tier medical care tailored to your unique requirements.

Telemedicine Innovation

Seamlessly connect with us through our telemedicine platform, transcending distances for virtual consultations and personalized care.

Global Reach, Local Care

Beyond Aonang Beach, our services extend to various locations, ensuring quality healthcare for both locals and international travelers.

Clear Communication

Our multilingual staff fluent in English ensures effective communication, fostering trust and understanding.

Simplified Insurance

Partnered with travel insurance companies, we offer cashless consultations, streamlining administrative processes for your convenience

Global Partnerships

Your Peace of Mind

In an ever-connected world, Aonang Medical Clinic has joined hands with numerous travel insurance companies across the globe. This collaboration ensures cashless consultations for our patients, facilitated by our dedicated medical insurance team available around the clock. Through this partnership, we have streamlined the process of direct settlement between healthcare providers and insurers, enhancing payment efficiency and patient satisfaction.

Elevate Guest Experiences with Aonang Medical Clinic

Bridging the Distance, Caring the Same

Partnering with Aonang Medical Clinic signifies more than a decision it’s an investment in enhancing guest experiences and safeguarding their well-being throughout their stay. As a world-class hotel committed to excellence, our values align seamlessly with yours, positioning us as the ideal choice for comprehensive medical care. By incorporating Aonang Medical Clinic as your preferred healthcare partner, you not only enrich the guest journey but also assure them that their health is a paramount priority. This partnership extends the excellence of your hotel beyond accommodation, creating a seamless and unforgettable experience that transforms your establishment into a genuine haven of care.

In every interaction, at every moment, Aonang Medical Clinic stands as your steadfast partner, committed to delivering exceptional healthcare and ensuring your well-being.

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