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Wound Debridement

Wound debridementĀ  is a procedure to remove dead, devitalized, or contaminated tissue as well as foreign substances from a wound. A wound must be clean and receive a good supply of blood to heal. Dead tissue, scar tissue, and debris from outside the body can interfere with this. Wounds that are not cleaned heal slowly or not at all and can become infected. The infection can then spread to nearby areas or other parts of the body through the blood. There are a number of methods used for wound debridement: surgical or sharp, autolytic, enzymatic, mechanical, and biosurgery. The method used will depend on the size, position, and type of wound as well as the risk of infection and level of pain. Your doctor will decide which method is most appropriate for your condition. In some cases, more than one method may be used.



  • To promote wound healing by removing all the devitalized tissue from the wound.

To protect or reduce risk of infection

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